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JAB CD complete and home!

CD release shows booked, and CD will be mailed out to all of you that have helped make this happen. Pre-order tickets to San Francisco’s CD release HERE. And Pre-Order to Grass Valley’s CD release HERE. Thank you for making this happen, and I look forward to seeing you soon for the April 2013 CD release show(s).

You can pre-order the CD + CD TSHIRT- HERE. Anyone that comes out to a CD release already wearing the new TSHIRTS will get free downloads of songs that are unreleased (please make sure you mark your email and name down at the show, if so).

[vimeo 61125931 480 305]




  1. Johnny Gallagher
    Thu 28th Mar 2013 at 6:09 pm

    I am a broadcaster at KVMR – FM Nevada City and I host the weekly Tuesday Music Magazine from 4-6pm. I have reviewed your “Plant” CD and enjoyed it. Every week I select an artist or group that I put in my “Spotlight Shoutout” segment of my show around 5:30 – 5:55 and feature them. With your CD release show coming up the following Saturday I have decided to put your group in my Spotlight Shoutout this Tuesday, 4/2 at http://www.kvmr.org and play about 4 tunes from your Plant CD. Just wanted let you you, your band, and your fans regarding this recognition. Best wishes on your CD release gathering in Grass Valley! -Johnny Gallagher

    • Justin  –  Tue 09th Apr 2013 at 11:29 pm

      Thank you! and nice to meet in person at the Grass Valley show as well! cheers, Justin


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