Come celebrate the return from our two month summer tour in Berkeley tomorrow. Tickets are HERE.

8-25-17 Soma House Concert. in Berkeley CA. FB HERE and Tickets HERE.

Nalu and the crew are safe and sound and we are on the I-5 heading south back to the Bay. Excited to get back into the studio and lay down some tracks!

All is well,


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17 Aug 2017, by

Hey All,

I’ve been enjoying touring with Honey of the Heart, a collaboration with Maren Metke. We are joined by our good friend Heather Normandale and playing some rad shows in the coming week. Please check out the schedule at We have a list below for ya to see quickly. Enjoy!

And tonight: 8/17/17 Secret Garden Concert in Bellingham

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Pedal Power in The Emerald City

Nothing is cooler than self-powering your own musical entertainment. That is exactly what the crew over at Rock The Bikebrings to reality for concert goers, music lovers, and anyone else looking to power up a PA using human energy and the science of cycle generated power.Formed in Berkeley, CA in 2005, Rock The Bike is the brainchild of Paul Freedman, a.k.a. Fossil Fool. Collaboration and community are underlying values at RTB, and their connection to the extended network of musicians in the Bay Area has helped make pedal powered music available to performers looking for the greenest ways to present their music to new audiences. Rootfire is pleased to announce that artist Justin Ancheta & Soul Graffiti will be performing pedal powered sets between acts at Rootfire In The Emerald City, Saturday, July 29th in Seattle.  

Attending the fest? We’ll be looking for pedalers!

Ancheta has been making waves internationally with his eclectic brand of reggae influenced funk and jazz. Touring the United States and Europe via bicycle and train, Ancheta backs up the conscious message of his music by taking direct action to improve the global music community. The Justin Ancheta Band has played across the world from Oahu’s Hawaii Spirit Festival, to MannaFest in Grass Valley, to Barcelona’s debut Bicycle Music Festival, performing with The Wailers, Joan BaezCreedence Clearwater Survival, and Charles Neville. Rootfire had a chance to catch up with Justin about his upcoming appearance at Rootfire In The Emerald City.

Rootfire: You have a production company called Soul Graffiti Productions that focuses on education, recording, performing, and event production. How did the relationship between Soul Graffiti Productions and Rock The Bike come about?

Justin Ancheta: I started Soul Graffiti Productions 12 years ago with a dream to have an artist-for-artist collective label. In the past 3.5 years, I was able to find Rock The Bike’s new home on San Pablo for Paul, friend and owner of Rock The Bike, and he offered the upstairs rental in gratitude for finding the space for his business expansion. A bit before then, and more so after, I have been working on event production for both pedal powered and non-pedal powered events from that location. Soul Graffiti often partners with Rock The Bike to produce amazing entertainment and pedal power for festivals, organizations and companies. The first successful partnership happened in 2011 when Soul Graffiti took on the pedal power offering at Maker Faire, San Mateo, CA. It was the first and only year so far that the pedal powered stage got 7 of 7 first place prizes. Since then, Soul Graffiti has been producing events for Rock The Bike, including Pedalfest, Maker Faire, and a handful of other national events. We now have the first pedal powered studio in the world. You can check us out at:

RF: Both conceptually and aesthetically pedal power has a lot of pleasing elements for performer and audience alike. In your experience, what are some ways pedal power empowers the participants?

JA: I think it gets people moving, literally and creatively. People start thinking about how much energy it takes to put on a rock concert, or consider how much energy different appliances take in power. It’s educational, fun, and engages people to hopefully get on bikes more and try it for a local transportation method. This is how I got involved with bikes myself. I was the first performer at the first Bicycle Music Festival in San Francisco. Since then I have ridden bikes throughout the world–the United States, France, Spain, Hawaii– putting on pedal powered shows. I know bikes won’t save the world, but it is the most hands-on way I’ve been involved in revolution in my life. People can work on their own mode of transportation easily, fixing parts with little skills needed, and you get in shape going to the places you need to go. Imagine gyms having energy from their bikes harnessed for their lighting consumption in the gym. It’s a model for where we can be with technology and human civilization. I’m tired of being a parasite race on the world; I’m ready to make the necessary changes to work toward a sustainable future, and pedal power is a great gateway. It’s a mind-opening experience.

RF: Climate change is a pinnacle crux of our lifetime. Art and music have always provided a platform for cultural commentary, and it seems that more and more people are looking for ways to walk the walk of a sustainable lifestyle. What’s your advice for artists and musicians who are looking for ways to incorporate greener choices into the day-to-day workflow of their craft?

JA: I’d say try alternative transportation tours–bikes, trains, etc. Try doing some pedal powered events and engage your audience to power your entire show off-grid. I’m an avid believer in the music carrying a show and harnessing the power of community, but combine that with good, clean pedal power, and you will have a revolution every time you play a show.

RF: There is a great sense of community surrounding the Rock the Bike movement. Where can people find out about bands and venues that are using pedal power?

JA: There are still very few doing pedal power worldwide, in comparison to the amount of music and bands out there. However, some spots to look have been Bicycle Music Festivals that pop up world-wide, thanks to the ethos of Gabe Dominguez and Paul Freedman, Co-Producers of the first festival. Since then, we’ve seen Biketopia Music Collective pop up, and the Pleasant Revolution doing pedal power throughout many countries. Other organizations are starting to pick it up and ask for their own system to do off-grid shows. There has been talk about organizing a community hub. I haven’t seen one exactly that encompasses us all, so I just made this group for interested folk. Please share if you want to get involved.

RF: Super pumped to catch you later this month at Rootfire In The Emerald City. What can you tell us about the music you’ll be playing there?

JA: I’ve been doing live looping and DJ’ing since the early 2000’s, before most people did it. I now include some DJ technology to the mix with live instrumentation. The style of music is hard to put down, as I’m from a mix of musical backgrounds, similar to my cultural and ethnic background. I guess you could say: Reggae-Rock-Flamenco-Infused-Jazz-with some world funk-hop included.

RF: And finally, are we going to be seeing massive summer music festivals powered by cyclists? What’s the big picture for the future of pedal powered music?

JA: I like the quote from Margaret Thatcher: “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” I believe pedal power has a capacity to still grow a bit more with line-delay speakers reaching audiences upwards of 50,000. That being said, I think the most special moments are around a campfire with an intimate group of people, or a smaller-sized show where everyone’s collective energy hits the same chord. Pedal powered shows have an opportunity to create pockets of community and connection where society has seemed to falter. Some of us have dreams of making larger shows where pedal power can reach more of the masses. My dream is to create smaller shows throughout the world that revolutionize the meaning and the power of the individual, or the community that empower the individuals. I’d personally like to make a festival with about 5,000+ people with many smaller stages that allow the intimacy and engagement of the music to be fully downloaded into our subconscious as we recreate our vocabulary of cultural connection by making sounds together.

Ancheta will be performing through the patented “One Bike-One Speaker” system, but Pedal Power is capable of so much more. Check out their Fender BlenderRecharge StationsLEDgehammerEl Arbol: The Bike Tree….there’s even a fully pedal powered stage.  It’s cooler than words can do justice and we can’t wait to give you a taste of things on July 29.

See you in The Emerald City!


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Earth Day Celebration with Pedal Powered Music

The Justin Ancheta Band is going to Rock The Bike at the Earth Day SF event at Ghirardelli Square from 12-4 pm on April 22nd, 2017.

Here is the official Press Release for you to share:


Where: Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco CA

When: 4/22/17

Price: FREE


FB Event RSVP:

More information:




900 North Point Street, San Francisco CA

April 22nd 12-4pm

Coming back for the 2nd year in a row, Soul Graffiti Productions, and now also Rock the Bike are partnering to put on an Earth Day celebration at Ghirardelli Square. You will hear live performances of regionally acclaimed artists, featuring the Justin Ancheta Band, DJ Scratch, and special guests to-be-announced.

The Justin Ancheta Band is a positively-charged, high-energy band from the Bay Area, California. They bring together world sounds with some heavy doses of funk and reggae. Lacing socially-conscious lyrics with horn, violin and guitar melodies over a steady foundation of drums, percussion, and bass, the band creates a dance party for everyone to enjoy. Tthey play venues such as the Independent, Slim’s, Yoshi’s, and the Great American Music Hall. Their tour schedule has taken them from Barcelona to Hawaii. After more than a decade of shows and touring, they have shared the stage with The Wailers, Joan Baez, Creedence Clearwater Survival, Charles Neville and many more musical luminaries. 

Earth Day has reached into its current status as the largest secular observance in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year, and a day of action that changes human behavior and provokes policy changes.

Today, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency, as the reality of climate change becomes more apparent every day. We invite you to be a part of Earth Day and help write many more chapters—struggles and victories—into the Earth Day book, together!

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. In honor of this milestone, Earth Day Network is launching an ambitious set of goals to shape the future of 21st century environmentalism. At this event, the audience will be invited to use their own muscles to power the show together, experiencing how close we are to a clean energy future.

“The environment needs a voice. We can be this voice through our energy and attention, finding ways to live within the means that support our natural environment. Earth Day is a day to celebrate this connection and each other”, says Ancheta from the Justin Ancheta Band.

What you will find at this outdoor, family friendly event, is fun activities and games in a beautiful outdoor setting by the wharf. You will enjoy music, food, wine, and Ghirardelli’s famous chocolates. The purpose of this event is to inspire and celebrate as community and connect us to each other, the earth and a more sustainable path.

Ghirardelli Square is located at 900 North Point Street at the corner of Beach and Larkin Streets. It is on the West side of Fisherman’s Wharf, two blocks east of Van Ness Avenue and one block west of the Cable Car turnaround at Beach and Hyde Streets.


“A beat that is global in scope.” — Gus Thompson, Auburn Journal

“One of the best and brightest bands…” — Mark S. Allen, Good Morning Sacramento (KMAX Channel 31)

The bands activity has been recently focused on completing their own audio and video production studio called “Soul Graffiti Studios” in Oakland. The goal is to enable to band to offer a resource to the music community in the Bay Area tools that can uplift our scene of artists with creating an “Artist for Artist” collective Label. So far the success have been rolling out with producing shows that sometimes include JAB (Justin Ancheta Band), but offering shows and entertainment to the region, and farther out to nationally and internationally. Watch out for JAB and Soul Graffiti artists in your neighborhood. And look out for the upcoming audio and video we will be sharing monthly very soon.

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16 Mar 2017, by

Here is the latest Radio show from this past Tuesday in SF. Enjoy! And Mark your calendar for this Saturday’s house concert! Here is the information. PLEASE SHARE!


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12 Jan 2017, by

Shows in 2017

This Weekend!
Justin Ancheta & HOTH shows

We’re keeping our honey flowing with the warmth of creative inspiration!
We are excited to be playing two special upcoming events this next weekend:

Saturday January 14, 2017

Gottschalk Music Center recital hall, 1502 E St., Modesto
Doors at 7:00, music at 7:30
$15 general/free for kids 12 and younger
Limited seating: email or call 209-543-5306 to reserve seats
Presented by Modesto Unplugged and ModestoView

Sunday January 15, 2017

Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Commercial St Plaza, Nevada City, CA –  People Powered Music

6:00pm – 7:00pm Honey of the Heart will close the Festival
We have a great lineup of local talent performing on the people powered stage at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.
Come pedal and make the power. This year we’ll be at the bottom of Commercial St, in the plaza in front of the Chamber of Commerce and the pelton wheel.

Brand New Video Release!
Honey of the Heart is proud to release “Catch the Wave”, filmed, recorded, mixed & edited live at Soul Graffiti Productions!

Watch HERE! on FB
OR Watch Here on YouTube

We are so blessed to have the community and resources that we have! Our artist for artist collective/studio/production team has been busy helping us crank out some lovely visual audio art for HOTH in the last month. Soul Graffiti Studios, and the people surrounding it are so inspired, lovely and warm that we have almost forgotten it is Winter. 😉 Heres to an easy flow of golden Honey for us all!

Stay tuned for more videos coming, including a sweet collaboration with amiga & colleague, Heather Normandale, and our brewing NPR’s Tiny Desk submission, all in the next few days!

Final Cut image.jpg


Upcoming Shows:
Sat Jan 14 2017
Modesto GMC
1502 E st.
Age Limit: All Ages
Sun Jan 15 2017 6:00pm Wild and Scenic Film Festival, People Powered Stage.
Nevada City, CA
Age Limit: All Ages
Thurs Feb 2 2017
Revolution Cafe
San Francisco, CA
Age Limit: All Ages
Tuesday Feb 14 2017
Evergreen Lodge, Yosemite Age Limit: All Ages
Fri Feb 17 2017


7:00pSat Feb 18
Time TBA

House Concert ~
TBA, Auburn, CA
Honeyroot Barn Dance Fundraiser
Age Limit: All Ages
Details: TBA

*Feed Your Ears & Heart*
*Get Your HOTH Album Now*

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Happy Holidays,

What a year 2016 has been! It seems in the face of lots of not-so-good things going on in the world, it sometimes makes it easier to shine a little light and joy because we are alive, and need to feel grateful for life to make the change we want to see. K, next show: ELIXART-TOMORROW! 7:30 to 10:30 pm. Art from Miles Toland featured from 6:30 to Midnight! Come hear some new tunes, rad visuals, and some after party DJ action. Songs of Honey Of The Heart will be featured, and also new originals. BOTTOMLESS KAVA/CACAO DRINKS SERVED ALL NIGHT!

Sorry I haven’t been more active in the public eye, and my reasons feel good. I’ve really been focusing on making the tools necessary to be more affective in the world. I built my own studio! Soul Graffiti Studio is kickin’ strong in Oakland and already have a wide range of awesome artists and tunes flowing through there. You can check it out at the website:, or you can go to the facebook page where we’ve been streaming behind the scenes of artists coming through the studio. I look forward to sharing more new music with you from SG studio!

Thank you people who are pushing for good things to happen in this world. Last Sunday we were able to raise $3K for Standing Rock, Oceti Sakowin camp at the Leonard Cohen tribute show in Berkeley. More news about tomorrows show: we are doing another fundraiser tomorrow night at ELIXART in Nevada City. Miles Toland, the featured artist will be out and is donating his most recent painting to the cause. 100% of the proceeds from the painting will go toward Standing Rock! Come drink Kava/Cacao with us and enjoy some live music. 7:30 to 10:30 pm. Blessings.
What do you want to see happen in 2017? Write back and we’ll share some answers next email that inspire us. AND, if you are looking for something for New Years, email me… I have a good idea if you are interested, we might be able to work something out; Oakland stylie.
I hope to see you tomorrow in Nevada City!
Justin Ancheta & Friends

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13 Sep 2016, by

October News.

Dear community,

It has been a whirlwind of a summer, going by fast with some highs and lows. To wrap things up sweetly, I am taking part in a great music bike ride with friends to the Bicycle Music Festival, Nevada City, – And then to SHRIMPFEST 2017! Some special musical collaborations will take place and I welcome you to come along and enjoy the ride with us. We will be staying at some of my favorite local river spots along the way.

Thanks for your support and patience with the new album work. I really thought I would have got it out over this summer, but the decompression from being the Director of Love Our Neighborhood Day took a bit more energy then I expected. A great learning experience, and so good to see the vision of a closed San Pablo with all the good people enjoying the open streets of east bay as we did June 4th! Here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming video. If you want to support the completion of this video and many more to come, please visit our patron page HERE.

Check out the shows listed and share with your friends. If you love live music, nows the time to support! There are a lot of entertainments out there these days and I do sometimes feel like a dinasour, however, we have some tricks for you at the next show! excited to show you.

Be well and stay alive and happy.


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Hey family!

I’ll be performing tonight at the Vestry in San Francisco with Cello Joe and Josh Mellinger. Here are the details (see image below). I also am doing a benefit show for ‘Love Our Neighborhood Day’ at Novel Brewing, This Sunday 6-9 pm. There will be food and music for entry and some great new brews from Novel Brewing to try out. 100% of tips and donations go towards Love Our Neighborhood Day.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.19.11 PM

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Date: 7/6/16
Where: Ashkenaz – 1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley CA 94702 – 510-525-5054
Door: 8:00pm
Show: 9:00pm
Ticket: $12 – Ticket Link:
More information:


Local rhythm world funksters join *Super-Powers* for this spectacular night of dance inspiration, Blacknatue Band, Justin Ancheta Band, and AfroFunk Experience are going to groove it up on this mid week Interdependence Day celebration. Bring your vibrant dress-up attire, glitter, super hero costumes and rainbow suspenders! ~*~ It’s gonna get funky!

About The Band:

BLACKNATURE BAND Black Nature is an original musical artist who composes and performs positive music that incorporates a unique blend of African Rhythms, Reggae, Dancehall, Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B. He is also a musical producer and filmmaker. As a young child, Black Nature began singing and playing percussion, and he was greatly influenced by the rich musical culture of Sierra Leone. In the midst of the country’s brutal 10 year civil war, he fled to neighboring Guinea where he was placed in a refugee camp. During his time at the camp, he and other Sierra Leonean refugees formed a band that later became the world renowned Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.
Over the years the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have also collaborated and performed with many other well known musicians such as Aerosmith, Dispatch, Toots and the Maytals, Jimmy Cliff, Lee Scratch Perry, Burning Spear, Damian Marley, Wyclef Jean, Chadwick Stokes, Mavis Staples, Trombone Shorty, Bonerama, Chris Velan, Dan Zanes, and Toubab Krewe. For booking information, please contact:

JUSTIN ANCHETA BAND is a positively-charged, high-energy band from San Francisco. They bring together exotic world sounds with some heavy doses of funk and reggae. Lacing socially-conscious lyrics with horn, violin and guitar melodies over a steady foundation of drums, percussion, and bass, the band creates a dance party for everyone to enjoy. Locally acclaimed, they play venues such as the Independent, Slim’s, Yoshi’s, and the Great American Music Hall, while their tour schedule has taken them from Barcelona to Hawaii. After more than a decade of shows and touring, they have shared the stage with The Wailers, Joan Baez, Creedence Clearwater Survival, Charles Neville and many more musical luminaries.
The Justin Ancheta Band’s music is an invitation to dance, while the music and lyrics are complex and intelligent and leave a sweet aftertaste in the heart and soul. “A beat that is global in scope.” — Gus Thompson, Auburn Journal “One of the best and brightest bands…” — Mark S. Allen, Good Morning Sacramento (KMAX Channel 31)

THE AFROFUNK EXPERIENCE is an ambrosial mix of musical interpretations influenced by the African diaspora, created in a collective and organic manner. With Sila Mutungi they comprised the award-winning group Sila and the Afrofunk Experience until 2010, providing songs and grooves that earned them the title “The Bay Area’s Dance Kings”, as well as the NAACP Image Award’s Outstanding World Music Album for “Black President” and the SF Weekly Music Award’s Best International Act.

Contact: Soul Graffiti Booking @ (530)-305-9819 email: soulgbooking@gmail.comAshkenaz poster

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