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Happy New Year 2016!

Thank you for your support over the years people. It is so great to know that there is a community of people that are supporting the independent artists as myself. Please stay in touch by signing the email list. Here is a clip from last weeks show at the Crazy Horse. Enjoy!:

click image for youtube link

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Awaken Cafe 10/16/15

Thanks for your patience on the new material we are creating in our studio. precious time is being taken to create some new audio jewels. Hope to share soon! For now, Please come to one of our shows coming up. The next one I am really excited about is THIS Friday at Awaken Cafe, October 16th. I’ll be doing an acoustic set with Damian Sol (JAB), and Alex Scammon (JAB) with guest musicians as well. This will be a unique experience to here some of the new material, plus some old favorites with a looping flare. Here is the link. Please share!

I’m also doing a fabulous run of shows with Honey Of The Heart, who will also be at Awaken this night. Check out our shows coming up at:

And some old school info from years past to enjoy:

Here are some tidbits of the album to listen to, plus video from ‘live-on-bike’ sunday streets, SF with Rock The Bike, and the press release for the upcoming album. Thank you so much for staying involved with us. I am really excited to share the new tunes with you all, as well as share where I go to create some positive actions. Now! Please spread the word about the upcoming releases, like out page, and let’s have some fun!

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Hey all,

It’s been lots of work and play in the past year. The studio is looking amazing and we are working on recordings like mad. Really excited to share new JAB tunes soon, as well as other projects such as HOTH, and SYP! – The next big show I’m really promoting and getting behind with all my energy is October 30th at the Nevada Theater. Please get your tickets early here: – and please share the event and RSVP

Lots of shows in October in California and Oregon for Honey Of The Heart:

Hope to see you at a show soon.


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26 Apr 2015, by

Excited to announce that I am asked to present at TEDx, Cupertino on May 9th! I hope to share a video from it in the coming months. I also will be featured at the San Francisco International Arts Festival May 22nd. Please grab your pre-sale tickets here! it’s way cheaper then the door and guarantees entry:  [share the link on your facebook for a FREE cd as well, just email us your post at]

The studio is rocking and sounds are being produced daily when we are not touring in California somewhere. We are really excited to be biking down to the Maker Faire to perform Saturday/Sunday May 16th and 17th. If you want to get into the festival, come talk to us and we can potentially arrange something ( Here is the facebook invite to so you know about the ride details.

Any interest in going to the World Music Festival July 17th weekend and biking from the Bay Area with us? Contact here if you have interest and we might create a social ride to support this by bike and train:

I’m looking at an avocado tree that I just potted using the kitchen dinette as a greenhouse. It looks happy! With all the crazy things going on in the world this week, I hope that you find some peace in the simple things on your daily path. Enjoy the sunshine and rain when it is here.

My heart goes out to Nepal, and to people that have been grieving this week.

My love,

Justin Ancheta

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11 Mar 2015, by

Hello Friends,

For a second year in a row, I was asked to play the San Francisco International Arts Festival. It is an honor to be a part of a program that is striving to recognize local musical acts of the Bay Area and integrate a night of sharing of styles from around the world. Buy your tickets to the May 22nd show in San Francisco HERE. Much more good lovin’ news below as well. Enjoy!

Thanks for staying with me as I traverse the slippery slope of the music industry. I have been hard at work creating new sounds at the studio, taking time to get it right, as well as booking some great shows for 2015.

The most exciting news I just received is the acceptance into the World Music Festival in Grass Valley, California as one of the many featured acts at this awesome festival. Honey Of The Heart also got accepted, so get your tickets now and spend the weekend with us in the trees camping and enjoying good music!

We [Honey of The Heart] were able to open for Taj Mahal two weekends ago to a sold out audience at the Center For The Arts in Grass Valley CA. Thank you for the support and kindness of Taj Mahal and the Center For The Arts for having us! We look forward to more sold out shows with a $68 ticket price! wow. I’m impressed. Next big show for Honey Of The Heart is march 20th at Studio Grand. We have some great guest artists sitting in: Eliyahu Sills on Bonsuri Flute and Stand Up Bass, and Josh Mellinger on Tabla and Cajon. Also the amazing Adrienne Shamszad on guitar and Vocals!

More shows can be found on our ‘shows’ page, and we are planning to partner with Rock The Bike for some more pedal powered fun this spring and summer, so stay tuned for those fun shows as well.

We look forward to seeing you our show soon!

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5 Feb 2015, by

Lots going on as usual and 2015 is kicking off in the right ways. Rock The Bike has partnered with 350 Bay Area and helping produce a pedal powered Climate Rally THIS Saturday in Oakland. RSVP HEREand come hear the new tunes of the Soul Graffiti and RTB line-up. We are expecting 3000+ attendees, possibly one of the largest pedal powered shows to date. I’ll be performing one new song with Maren Metke, Alex, Scammon, Paul Martin Sounder, and Marlon Aldana as well. I hope to have a demo of it up soon for the online peoples to hear and share. Also performing is SHAKE YOUR PEACE! and Fossil Fool from RTB.

Tonight I’ll also be at the Honey Of The Heart Thursday’s at the Revolution Cafe in SF 8:30 – 11:30 pm Tonight, Thursday! RSVP HERE and please share.

If I don’t see you this weekend, I’ll be busy in Auburn and Nevada City for Valentine’s day, then SF that Sunday. So check my schedule at for the shows on 2/13 Auburn, 2/14 Nevada City, and 2/15 San Francisco.

JAB is writing and practicing for the upcoming 2015 shinanigans we set out to do. Excited to share soon!


Justin Ancheta

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Dear Friends, Family, and Fans,

It has been a fruitful year for JAB, now officially an East Bay located band, with the studio in full swing. We are excited to be so close to Rock The Bike, our friends and partners in Pedal Powered Extravaganza’s around the Bay Area and beyond. We have been working hard on the getting the studio dialed in and ready to record both JAB and the community of strong musicians and bands we have seen thriving around us in the Bay. Some fun shows in the near future include: Wild & Scenic Film Festival Pedal Powered Show and the Caspar Inn. We are already booking some great shows out into October 2015, so keep your eyes peeled for us in your City. If you want us to head your way, just give a shout out! We are enthusiastic about outreach in 2015 and beyond and building a strong community where we go.

We look forward to seeing you soon at an event! Come check out the studio sometime. Justin Ancheta is starting to teach music out of Soul Graffiti Studio’s, so if you are wanting to learn Ukulele, Guitar, Vocals, Piano, or Drums, email:

Big props to our team of outreach and web support: Amanda Joon, Alex (Garcia) Scammon, and Damian Sol.

To another year of music at it’s fullest,

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Less Cars, More Bikes on Oahu, Hawaii

Dear Friends & Family,
I’m excited to be participating in the ‘Pleasant Revolution’ of Oahu, Hawaii. We are bringing pedal powered music to the island for the first time. Our goal is to bring the Bicycle Music Festival to Hawaii in 2015, starting with this trip in December, sharing our music and stories around the island about a brighter and more sustainable future for transportation around the island. The island is currently choked with vehicles and cars and traffic are to be seen throughout the island, especially in the metropolis areas.
We have partnered with the Hawaii Bicycling League, the Mayor Kirk Caldwell, and kicking off the new Cycle Track of Honolulu on December 6th, followed by the trip around the island spreading the word of bikes and usage to schools and communities throughout the area.
So far, we are 100% out of pocket for this event production, and with your help, you can help us fund the trip, which includes artwork and promotion of Hawaii-Bikes and safe lanes, by artist Rich Black of the ‘occupy-movement’, as well as help fund the transporting of gear and crew to take part in the movement December 6th, 2014. The mayor will be coming out to speak on our system, and we are hoping you can support by contributing anything you can.
Thank you for your time and please check out our platform below, as well as share it with your friends and family. Mahalo! Justin Ancheta

Amazing crew of artists and activists for 2014 include:
Justin Ancheta (Guitar/Vocals/Percussion),  – Northern California, via Hawaii
Maren Metke (Vocalist),  – Vashon, Washington
Caroline Chung (Bass), – Seoul, South Korea
Claudio (Photography), – Uruguay
Kalyana (Videography),
More information at:
______ Please share!!!!_____ time is now. thank you
Posted on July 22, 2014 by heather

On the  horizon, plans are being made to coordinate with the Hawaiian Bicycle League and the local municipal authorities of Oahu to bring a celebration of bike culture to an island choked with cars. We are looking forward to announcing our plans for this December’s bike tour soon!

Support us here at our IndieGogo: Less Cars, More Bikes on Oahu.

Current project motivator, Justin Ancheta, who has been visiting his extended family in Oahu for the past 30 years, has been cultivating a relationship with the island’s hills and paths during small scale bike tours in 2012 and 2013. “My vision for this project is that we can influence the choices that people make that will make or break a sustainable future in the Hawaiian Islands.” There are well over a million cars on an island that is only 44 miles across and 30 miles wide. One might hope for there to be a vibrant bike culture on such a small island with such great weather. Instead it takes commuters takes 2 hours to travel only 10 miles on the H1, Hawaii’s busiest interstate. Honolulu is listed #1 in’s “Most Traffic-Jammed Cities in America” 

Read more about Hawaii’s history of all things bicycle here.

What the Bicycle Music Festival is: We focus on identity. We motivate people to become cyclists. The cultural, emotional, social (community building), psychological/ marketing (identity/brand -building work of bicycle advocacy – creating magic. Like music does. We bring the je ne sais quois make biking fun, sexy, social. We motivate people. We associate bicycles with the magic and power of music.

History – Over the last 7 years we’ve created a culture like no other. We are the originators and as an open source idea it’s spread all over the world. Thousands of cyclists.

As an open source idea, the original Bicycle Music Festival has been emulated in cities around the world by autonomous groups of . Bicycle Music Festivals can now be found in: Seattle, Chico, Toronto, Barcelona,

For any cultural movement to be successful, it needs two parts: the concrete/ rational, and the magical/ emotional. In our home city of San Francisco, a group called San Francisco Bicycle Coalition does the important work of the concrete, logical aspects of bicycle advocacy: focusing on political, legal, and educational campaigns. In this respect, the Coalition performs a similar function to that performed by the Hawaii Bicycle League. All of these efforts are critical to increasing ridership and rider-experience in the city.

Currently, the bands on the line-up of this project, who are all co-collaborators in the planning process of this festival, Justin Ancheta, Maren Metke (Honey Of The Heart)Heather Normandale and Diana Gameros.

December 6th: King Street Bike Lane Opening Party

12 pm Pedal powered music,

1 pm Mayor Kirk Caldwell speaks

Following with a bike ride and more Pedal Powered Music


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4 Nov 2014, by

Dear Friends, Family and Fans,
I appreciate the support over the past Decade + of music, mostly in Northern California, but sometimes branching out to the east coast, Europe, Hawaii, and Mexico. I hope to make it to South America this spring! If you hear of any good plans/tours for making music, let me know.
I am writing on behalf of a huge momentous occasion that will be taking place THIS Saturday at the NEW PARISH in Oakland, CAFor over a decade I have been captivated by the spirit and music of Flamenco, Traveling twice to Spain to indulge more in the land of where this style transformed into what it is today. One of the most prestigious Flamenco groups of the Bay Area, ‘Caminos Flamencos’ is performing a set at the New Parish Saturday Night. Please get your tickets soon!
I am being featured at the show for the first time. I remember in 2002, I walked into Yaelisa’s class in Sacramento, certain I would learn and/or help the class with my guitar skills. I didn’t get more then a bar into playing before I was stopped. Appreciating the sincerity of the style and how you either have it or you don’t type of attitude. I cannot say I know Flamenco to this date, but I am happy to be performing a piece with the Acclaimed Jason McGuire, Flamenco Guitar virtuoso, on a rendition of some new tunes I have created in the past years, inspired by the Balkans, as well as Flamenco. You will here ‘Nuevo Flamenco’ this night, what Caminos Flamencos is known to bring to the table with outstanding dancers and singers.
Marlon Aldana (from JAB) will be on percussion, as well as Paul Martin (Bass JAB sub), so you will here a full rich sound coming from the club. Come get your tickets now and reserve a seat with a good view. Get there early to not miss out on when I perform the song(s).

The full band is gearing up to head to ‘Mendocino’ November 21st for a Fukushima Benefit. More info soon at: — As well, we will have some get-togethers in Nevada City and Auburn in December. hope you can make it.

There is also a residency I am doing for the next two months at the ‘Revolution Cafe’ every 3rdwednesday. Please come check it out 8:30 to 11 pm in San Francisco.

Thank you all for the lovely show at Awaken this past weekend. The vibes were high and the dancing went off with a full house. Appreciating the support and grateful for the musicians and friends in my life.

All my love, and I look forward to seeing you at one of the shows in November:


JAB logo BETA 1 JAB promo 11-3-14






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SG & GAMH present: Funk in Public: MojoGreen, Justin Ancheta Band, Kuckaw

SG & GAMH present: Funk in Public: MojoGreen, Justin Ancheta Band, Kuckaw

Get Your Tickets HERE:

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