Concepts and Creations:

Due to the ever-expanding soul and the need to grow without barriers, here are some links to the many different projects and directions of art expression that Justin Ancheta is involved with.

(more coming soon…)

I believe that we are all healers and it is within our capabilities to learn and administer healing through concepts that are ancient, but new at the same time. We have forgotten so many simple healing techniques. I use sound and touch for healing and working on more ways to learn. Please share your ideas and thoughts to justinancheta7@gmail.com in regards to this and I will try and get back to you as soon as I can. My goal is to help create the ‘web of kindness’ that my friend Eric Bayer spoke of. The healing begins every day personally and exudes outwardly.

Quotes from Sound Healing sessions in Yoga Studios:

“I wish I could take you on tour with me too. They were so grateful to have you in class. Many more collaborations to go. I know it.”

“Justin Ancheta… impressive? Beyond impressive!! Not only was he mastering 4 instruments at the same time, he so smoothly matched my intentions, rhythm, vibe and teachings so seamlessley in class that there was no where else that Justin, the students, or I could go, but in the flow.”

“One needs no dress rehearsal with Justin Ancheta complementing their yoga class with his eclectic fusions… it’s always magic in the moment!”

– Twee, Prana Flow Senior Teacher + Trainer, www.tweeyoga.com

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