Soul Graffiti

Striving to create a sustainable future for counter culturalists and revolutionaries, in the past 5 years Ancheta has focused his energy on helping create a non-profit concept that incorporates sharings in all art forms. Please visit for more information and booking for such events.

“We are all healers and have the capability of being each others support. In order to establish this, a group of individuals must make a conscious effort to connect to one another at a level that is deeper than modern-day family values. If this is accomplished in different ways, at different levels, society will be that much closer to the acceptance of everyone and fewer people will be left emotionally stranded. The norm these days is for everyone to go through a mid-life crisis, but I believe that it is our own minds just finally waking up and realizing how far behind our emotional evolution is due to the strains of monotonous day-to-day work and lack of belief. The goal is to stay awake and live that way! Find something to inspire you and live life strong.” – 2005 / 2006

Donate to the cause by purchasing a Soul Graffiti T-Shirt designed by Artist, Liz Michaud:

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100% USA Organic Cotton

In 2005 Soul Graffiti went internationally, spreading music to Europe. In 2010 SG went back to partner with the Pleasant Revolution and their efforts to create a sustainable future.
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We are currently looking for volunteers that range from outreach and event coordination and promotion, to coming on trips helping create the happenings of Soul Graffiti Entertainment and the Revolution that continues. Viva la Revolucion!

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