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Dear Friends, Family and Fans,
I appreciate the support over the past Decade + of music, mostly in Northern California, but sometimes branching out to the east coast, Europe, Hawaii, and Mexico. I hope to make it to South America this spring! If you hear of any good plans/tours for making music, let me know.
I am writing on behalf of a huge momentous occasion that will be taking place THIS Saturday at the NEW PARISH in Oakland, CAFor over a decade I have been captivated by the spirit and music of Flamenco, Traveling twice to Spain to indulge more in the land of where this style transformed into what it is today. One of the most prestigious Flamenco groups of the Bay Area, ‘Caminos Flamencos’ is performing a set at the New Parish Saturday Night. Please get your tickets soon!
I am being featured at the show for the first time. I remember in 2002, I walked into Yaelisa’s class in Sacramento, certain I would learn and/or help the class with my guitar skills. I didn’t get more then a bar into playing before I was stopped. Appreciating the sincerity of the style and how you either have it or you don’t type of attitude. I cannot say I know Flamenco to this date, but I am happy to be performing a piece with the Acclaimed Jason McGuire, Flamenco Guitar virtuoso, on a rendition of some new tunes I have created in the past years, inspired by the Balkans, as well as Flamenco. You will here ‘Nuevo Flamenco’ this night, what Caminos Flamencos is known to bring to the table with outstanding dancers and singers.
Marlon Aldana (from JAB) will be on percussion, as well as Paul Martin (Bass JAB sub), so you will here a full rich sound coming from the club. Come get your tickets now and reserve a seat with a good view. Get there early to not miss out on when I perform the song(s).

The full band is gearing up to head to ‘Mendocino’ November 21st for a Fukushima Benefit. More info soon at: www.justinanchetaband.com — As well, we will have some get-togethers in Nevada City and Auburn in December. hope you can make it.

There is also a residency I am doing for the next two months at the ‘Revolution Cafe’ every 3rdwednesday. Please come check it out 8:30 to 11 pm in San Francisco.

Thank you all for the lovely show at Awaken this past weekend. The vibes were high and the dancing went off with a full house. Appreciating the support and grateful for the musicians and friends in my life.

All my love, and I look forward to seeing you at one of the shows in November: www.justinancheta.com




JAB logo BETA 1 JAB promo 11-3-14






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Really excited about the next big show in the Bay with the band. Get your tickets now, as the last 3 shows there were packed!

We are excited to feature Kuckaw! and Honey Of The Heart opening the night.

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/345272202304277/

We are working on new recordings at Soul Graffiti Studio’s and will have some demo’s up soon. As well, Justin is about to go do a video shoot for ‘Boon Carri E’ a unique song that has been in the works for a year now. Stay tuned here and please sign up for our email list. We are also doing a benefit for Fukushima in Caspar, CA – November 21st, if you all want to take a ‘road trip’ with us. All the best, Justin and crew.

Awaken october JAB

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SG & GAMH present: Funk in Public: MojoGreen, Justin Ancheta Band, Kuckaw

SG & GAMH present: Funk in Public: MojoGreen, Justin Ancheta Band, Kuckaw

Get Your Tickets HERE: http://tickets.gamh.com/events/401794

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Saturday, March 1st:

Cello Joe CD Release Party, featuring music by: Justin Ancheta & Jason McGuire.

The Awaken Cafe and Soul Graffiti Presents today announced the CD Release party for Cello Joe, Featuring music by: Justin Ancheta & Jason McGuire. A rare look into the local talent of the bay, Cello Joe is the frontier Beatboxing Cellist of the time, shaping rhythms and loops and fusing electronic styles with a natural element with conscious lyrics. He also was one of the first people to teach Ancheta how to ride and survive on a 100+ mile bike adventure. Justin Ancheta is coined as ‘folklyrico-americana’, influenced by Jason Mcguire for the past ten years, he dives into a multi cultural rhythmic soup of deep melodies and flamboyant rasqueado’s. Jason McGuire is the music director of Caminos Flamencos, the premier Flamenco dance and music company of the west coast. This show is going to be amazing. Get your tickets now HERE. This show may sell out!

*if you are part of the press for photo’s or writing article reviews, you can come for free to the show, just email your credentials and contact information to booking@soulgraffiti.info

More information at: http://www.cellojoe.comhttp://www.justinancheta.com,http://www.caminosflamencos.comhttp://www.soulgraffiti.info

March 1st CD Release

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End of 2013 NEWS

I just returned from an epic journey through jungles and waterfalls and around the island of oahu, Hawaii. The trip was fruitful for personal growth and enjoyment, as well as reaching out to the local community and gathering resources to create the first BMF of Hawaii! Bicycle’s are not used enough on the island and are mostly looked down upon because only the smelly homeless and drug users living under bridges use them. I do not say this with judgement myself, but I do recognize how the community there fears these people as well as looks down upon their lifestyle, therefore, the bicycle as well. So, with your help and everyones help, we hope to create a better vision for sustainable transportation on an island that has a perfect climate, as well as minimal hills. In the most downpour of rain-weather, you can enjoy a ride in warmth on the island. More news on that soon.


For now, I am excited to go back to the snow and visit family and friends in the hills. Some shows on those occasions are – The Club Car December 20th this Friday! (https://www.facebook.com/events/583742045044829/)

as well as an after party for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival at the Stonehouse January 10th in Nevada City. (https://www.facebook.com/events/660143807370709)


After making it through 2013, the apacolypse and the completion of ‘PLANT’ the new album released April 2013, I have been busy tending to my creative side, getting inspired by writing and playing with great musicians in the area. Here is one of my favorite music nights in awhile, when Jason McGuire of Caminos Flamencos, sat in at La Peña in Berekeley. I have a recording of our first time ever playing together. New songs in the moment came out like THIS one. If you want to see a show of us play together, email back stating so and I’ll forward on to Jason and get the ball rolling ; ) 


Until 2014!

Justin Ancheta

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I’m back from the Yucatan, and ready to play lots of music and create some good happenings here in the Bay. First things first, I’m moving to Oakland in 6 days! so I’ll probably seeing more of the East Bay, I’m sure.


Check out the upcoming shows! lots of really cool things happening THIS weekend, as well as the following two weekends – Auburn at Club Car, and then the ULUV Festival in SF. All the details are in the show listings below. I’ve been working a lot with Cradle Duende, as well as doing many DJ gigs. Yes, I have accepted that I can still find pleasure in music while pressing a button. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure instruments and voice stay strong in my life. I’ve been sick for awhile and finally feeling my voice and body in good health again. After a long pause like that, the simple things of just talking or singing normal, or feeling normal, is such a blessing.

I’m still working in the Environmental and Social Movements where I can. Rock the Bike is a good outlet for me. I’d like to see more bikes and electric vehicles, car shares programs, and simplifying of life, in the happiest of ways. I find myself in front of computers too much so one of my goals in the coming months and following year is to minimize computer time and maximize garden and growing time, allowing my feet to touch the earth and soil. Maybe the hike on the dirt path or through the trees; or even down the road.

Much love from SF – soon-to-be OAKLAND.



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VII Annual BMF, San Francisco. The Original.

VII Annual BMF, San Francisco. The Original.


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Thank you for the love and support and for helping create dreams in music and art. I feel very blessed to be pursuing such an ethereal art form of sound, and to be able to share it with you. Please take a listen to the new album if you haven’t already: http://justinancheta.bandcamp.com/
And come check out the eclectic as usual,-shows in Northern Cali that I just posted. Everything from ‘Cradle Duende’ at the Maker Faire May 18th, to Acoustic solo at the Surf Spot May 17th, as well as JAB at Club Car’s 10 year anniversary party May 11th. If you have not received your kickstarter rewards, please let me know and I’ll send it out asap. I think I’m very close to completing all send-outs.
lots of love!

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JAB CD complete and home!

CD release shows booked, and CD will be mailed out to all of you that have helped make this happen. Pre-order tickets to San Francisco’s CD release HERE. And Pre-Order to Grass Valley’s CD release HERE. Thank you for making this happen, and I look forward to seeing you soon for the April 2013 CD release show(s).

You can pre-order the CD + CD TSHIRT- HERE. Anyone that comes out to a CD release already wearing the new TSHIRTS will get free downloads of songs that are unreleased (please make sure you mark your email and name down at the show, if so).

[vimeo 61125931 480 305]



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